I started Amira’s touch which I now know and love as Carousel skin as a healing hobby. Not only for myself but for my 9year old son. If you know anything about boys you know exactly what I mean. For me my skin was prone to acne, oily and a host of other unpleasant things that I wanted to heal naturally since I had taken on a vegan lifestyle and Carousel did just that.

For my son well lets just say washing his hands or anything else wasn’t on his todo list. Until I started making lego soaps, car soaps and any other shape or design that caught his eye. I noticed without having to tell him he naturally wanted to take more than a 2 minute shower. Washing his hands was now a priority and I was at ease knowing exactly what was going into and on his skin.

I realized my healing hobby became a lifestyle change, one that I wanted to share with anyone who would listen. I wanted to do more than create soap, I wanted to educate.